YvonnyBlog: A Knowledge Of Yourself.

I’m a little bit shocked when people say words like “I know you better than you know yourself” or “I know you 100%”.  It’s not wrong when people know you so well that they can tell majority of things about you and can even predict your next action in a situation. I believe that when you’ve spent a  very long time with a person, the individual gets to know your true character no matter how hard you try to conceal it. I know that there are different reasons why people hide their true selves {stories heard about men or women who pretend to be who they are not just to retain a relationship but the true self begins to show up in the marriage and thats where the genesis of problems begin} but truth is, there’s so much to being You than faking who you are not. People who love you will love you for being who you truly are and not who you pretend to be.

Having a better knowledge of yourself is Key to helping you in your relationship with people. You have your principles (which can be bent sometimes) and the rhythm to which you dance. I have realized that most people find it hard to cope with other people or love other people because they do not love themselves (You can’t give what you do not have), they do not appreciate the things about themselves. Also, having a knowledge of yourself means knowing your creator’s plan for your life because you cannot claim to know so well about yourself (the product) when you do not know about your creator (the manufacturer). What does it profit to know the product if you have no relationship with the manufacturer? The manufacturer gives you comfort in crisis. When you have a relationship with yourself and God, then you can extend love to your neighbours and to people in general. 

Knowing yourself helps you understand your past, deal with the present and plan for the future with no iota of fear. You speak positive words to yourself, walk in confidence, act with an excellent spirit and when you fall… You rise because you know that you have the power to overcome all obstacles. 

As humans, we do not just know ourselves as babies when we are born; we grow (mentally, socially, physically, etec) each  day and we begin to  understand our behaviours and attitudes and these behaviours give people a little bit of information about us. 

Do you agree with this statement that “It is not totally right to allow others know you better than you know yourself”.

Tell me what you think in the comment box.

It is a good thing to have a  better knowledge of yourself as you go through life. Develop yourself each day!!!! 



  1. @ “I know you better than you know yourself” Is that even possible? 😀

    Ah, the clarity that self-awareness brings. Even more so, when it precedes self-validation and self-love.Then, one comes full circle in self-appreciation.

    Good post.

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