YvonnyBlog: The Strength You Gain By Helping Others.

I’m pretty sure you’ve experienced so much joy  in the inside of you after you helped someone in need or proffered solution to something that bothered a person. This joy is way more than you can explain and it triggers you to help others more when they need your help.  

Sometimes, you might not have answers to a person’s need but a little concern in helping that individual will gladen his heart with joy. You need to realize that God has placed you in the position you occupy in order for you to help others no matter how small it may seem; you are the instrument of healing to someone’s injuries. You are a CEO today just because God wants you to help somebody become a security guard. 

When you understand the fulfilment that being a helper brings to you, you’ll never go a day without helping someone. It necessarily doesn’t have to be monetary, it could be through kind words, prayers, referrals, care, etc. Fulfilment is not always a matter of income. It’s more than what money can do to put a smile on your face, it’s the happiness you get knowing that you did something that made a difference in someone’s life that will forever be appreciated by the individual. 

My sister says that “If you think you have problems, listen to someone else’s problems and you’ll realize that your problem is a learner”. We pass through tough situations in life and sometimes, God wants us to go through these stages because our experiences from them will help other people overcome theirs when they get to such stages. Today, we can boldly talk about Job in the Bible and how he overcame at last. His experience has helped us today realize that no matter how dark the clouds may appear, when we stay strong  and not give up, we’ll surely overcome.  We also hear stories of leaders, business tycoons, etc that have shared their experiences and these have blessed people’s lives and helped them strive to achieve their dreams.  The same pain that made you weep and groan is where you can bring hope and healing to those who are experiencing the same pain.  

In today’s world, everyone is busy with their lives and barely have the time to think about another person’s problems. Someone said that ” everyone is busy trying to rule the world….who is busy trying to save the world???” A minute smile, kind words, hugs, etc can be a blessing to someone today and can save a person from  commiting suicide.

Let your heart be filled with so much joy and fulfilment as you help people in life. 



  1. There are several times we wish that we had super powers when we were young, being able to fly,shoot X-ray vision 4rm our eyes,run fast etc. But d truth is that in d eyes of someone else,we have super powers and are their SUPER HEROES when we help them 4rm our hearts,not expecting anything in return.Being able to turn that smile upside down and being able to turn that situation into a memorable and luvly experience. ..a once upon a time or even a ‘happy ever after’. Tnx Yvonne,nice one once again,keep it up.God bless u

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