YvonnyBlog: Lost.

Little drop of wavering thoughts     

Louder than the sounds of thundering steps;  

Deep blindness beyond the depth of vision      

Fading voices of lost minds in lack of diction.

Please, search me not in the dark    

For I’m far away lost in the breeze from the hidden ark;    

Let not the sweetness of my voice    

Play sorrowful melodies of smiling promises in your heart.

I’m painfully wandering in the desert 

Like a little boy in search for his lost mother;     

I’m hideously pushing aside the hand 

Playing the strings of the invisible tomorrow.

For I’ll walk alone in the hour

When the birds of the night cry;   

I’ll sit under the Iroko tree  

And wait for it to fall on me.

For in the days when hope disappears like a ghost;     

So am I in the daylight walls of your world.


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