YvonnyBlog: What’s The Big Deal In Living Alone???

My friends have asked me countless times  saying “Yvonne, are you not bored staying in that room alone?”. Truth is, sometimes (on very rare occasions) I’m bored but it happens only when I’m itching to talk to someone and there’s no one to talk to.  Thank God for social media; it has helped me kill the boredom. I check through Linda Ikeji’s blog almost everyday for some news update too. I’ve also got books to read too; so when I’m back to my room, I get a book to read either hard or soft copy (Although I find it hard to read on my phone). 

Sometimes, I talk to myself. I voice my thoughts to myself and I get to think alot these days. I dive into sections of my mind and write some of my thoughts down too. I think about so many things that I cannot resist not talking aloud  to myself. 

Anyways, I noticed that I get too hungry quickly these days. Maybe because I’m just here alone (I’m wondering). There was a day I had to eat @ 12am and for goodness sake I already had dinner. I don’t know what could be the cause of this unusual hunger.
I get to take a lot of selfies these days especially in the morning or at night. Sometimes, I ask a lady in the compound to help me with pictures.

The lady helped with this photo.

I’m always the first or second person to arrive @ work because I leave home pretty early.  
Sometimes, I play a game on my phone. 

I’m kind of having a great time with myself here. I do anything I chose to do at the time I want to do them. I’ve watched some old movies on my phone over and over again (I need new ones). I’m trying to get back my love for writing too (poetry is getting back to life for me) 

Staying alone helps you spend enough time with yourself and you end up getting to know yourself better. You can meditate quietly and structure your mind to the things you want to do.

NYSC brought this phase to me… And I’m glad. 

Here are a few things you can do when you stay alone: 
1. You get to deal with procrastination. Do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Your determination and self discipline helps too.

2. Take a very long bath with your music player on. Lol

3. Become accountable to how you feed and how much you spend. You try out new recipes  and wash your plates when ever you feel like. 

4.  Do alot of stargazing. I do too.

5. You get to challenge your self. Do the things you’ve never done and make mind blowing decisions.  

6.  Maybe start to blog about the things that excites you or share your views by writing on different topics. 

There are so many others. Tell me a few things you love to do when you are alone.



  1. I’m sorry but I just have to say your face is so adorable! When I saw the pictures in this post I was like ah ahn what a cute face haha. I wouldn’t mind living alone at all, I get tired of others easily

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  2. I can totally relate to this. I dont live alone but I’m always on my own. When everyone is in the sitting room I’m in the room on my laptop, either watching a movie, catching up on blogs or just randomly surfing the web. I enjoy my own company. In fact I have mastered the art of staying on my own and not getting bored. But like you said sometimes ‘once in a blue moon’ you need human company. At least someone to talk too.

    Happiness is…

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  3. When I’m alone,I only watch football.
    Although, its my favourite sport and quite a part of my life!
    In this way,I won’t feel bored!
    Because I’m having a full connection or conversation with 22 players on the field.
    Nice post.
    *Keep the good work going*


  4. No crime in living alone but spending more time in productive activities are very essential. Having personal exercise, studying the word, working on one weaknesses are other things one can do while alone. The hunger part really showed that u are more worked up by meditating than engaging in physical activities. It’s believed that 25% of body glucose is consumed by the brain. No over chop ooo 2 keep the shape… Lolz.

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  5. Very interesting. I’ve found it quite an experience my self too. Social media helps but it’s good to know one can enjoy one’s company all by one’s self (but trust me, not for too long. We were fashioned to prefer companionship above solitude). But for now, keep enjoying and keep writing.

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