YvonnyBlog: Lifelong Words.

Papa said to me the day before yesterday

In his tiny cracky voice

“Ola, life is dynamic; sometimes the honey in it

Sweetens your stomach and sometimes it causes an upset

But please my child,  learn to adapt

And to fight against stagnation with every form of courage.”

Mama’s sensational voice still rings in my heart

“My daughter, the sun may overpower the moon 

But please let the stars of the night twinkle before your eyes

To remind you that each day walks with her basket full of uncertainties.”

Brother said to me last night

“The keys to the gate of the world has been found

And there’s only one guard to open and to close,

I have seen his face and I’m confused 

My being is trembling and my lips: muttering words I do not understand

My heart is panting because I do not want to be next to walk through

And I do not want you to be the next either.”

Sister kept a note underneath the pillow

Saying “let the worries in your heart be buried and let the cool breeze of indescribable peace be welcomed merrily

For anxiety without control slowly captures the heart.”


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