YvonnyBlog: HeyBaby.

Hello World.

So I joined the gang of the hey baby series on Facebook after a friend persuaded me to join. The series ended yesterday and I’m glad I joined the trend. I learnt from people’s updates and I’m pretty sure people learnt from mine too. 

Today’s post will have me share some of my updates on the hey baby series. You can check some on Facebook through the hashtag #heybabyseries. 

Hey baby

Life is in stages.


# heybabyseries

Hey baby

Your past may not seem palatable but please understand

that your past do not define you.

Keep growing.

# heybabyseries

Hey baby

Cohabiting isn’t a proud thing to do.

Wait till you are finally married to him

You can cook, wash and do everything for him huh but you

cannot help your mother @ home abi.

God is watching you o

# heybabyseries

Hey baby

Let him share his dreams and goals with you.

Let him inspire you to live a life of purpose.

Let him draw you closer to God and not drag you away from


Let him be a helper and not a destroyer

And let him be a voice that reminds you how amazing you


# heybabyseries

Hey baby

It’s about the right person at the right time.

Don’t rush into another relationship just to get over the last


You are complete in Christ and not another relationship.

# heybabyseries

Hey baby

Love isn’t just a word, love isn’t dead.

Love is real, love is alive, love is beautiful.

God is love

Love God, love yourself, love others. Stop searching for

love in wrong places.

Don’t get your heart broken.

# heybabyseries

Hey baby

You are beautiful, intelligent, powerful and complete.

Don’t let anyone make you feel less.

# heybabyseries

Stop crying because you are not married yet.

Marriage is not a competition.

Hey baby

Because she’s riding her husband’s car now

Doesn’t mean you wouldn’t ride yours someday.

Hey baby

Because she has kids and you don’t have any yet

Doesn’t mean you’ll never have yours.

Wipe your tears

Joy definitely will come in the morning

Stop comparing your life to others

Your MR Right will come

And you’ll be glad you waited.

# heybabyseries

Hey baby

Keep preaching

Keep exhibiting the attributes of love.

Love is patient, love is kind and love doesn’t keep record

of wrongs.

# heybabyseries

Hey baby

If he hasn’t found a purpose for his life

Lead him to the giver of life

To the one who has engraved him on the palm of his hand

And help him also to fulfill purpose.

# heybabyseries

Hey baby

If you cannot pray together

If you cannot trust each other

And if you cannot laugh together

Think again and act

# heybabyseries

Hehehehe, I finally did the Naomi Boom crotchet braids on my hair, and I like the look on me. 

Have a great weekend.



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