Gone but I’m Back.

“It’s harder to forget the things you truly love.” I understand this truth because I’ve experienced it.

I started blogging either late 2015 or early 2016, I just wanted to write about my life and any other thing not necessarily fashion or beauty. Really, I enjoyed being in the blogosphere and connecting with other bloggers.

At some point in the journey, I felt a need to purchase a domain name “okoroyvonne.com” and I never wasn’t really serious with this blog until it was a year and I refused to renew the domain. I left it.

I was slightly frustrated, I guess. Truth is; every time my heart rings back to reminding me about my abandoned blog but I never obeyed.

Sometime this week at work (on a thursday), I decided to log in to my wordpress account and BOOM! I made a decision to come back blogging and not really worry so much about my views like I used to. Who worrries epp?

I’d be back to connecting with other bloggers and this time, put more conscious efforts in creating good content on my blog.


Welcome to my blog!

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