An Evening at Crossroads.

I’m not a foodie but I love good food and would not miss an opportunity to enjoy sumptuous meals.

This is not a review post about “Crossroads” but I’ll talk about the ambience and the meals. It was heavenly, no jokes.

After close of work on Wednesday, I had a dinner with a friend at “Crossroads” in Eko Hotels. It’s a Tex-Mex restaurant (short form for Texas and Mexico); their foods have a blend of Mexican and South American features. Since I was there on a wednesday night, there was a live band. The ambience was extremely lovely, cool sound and people everywhere. Damn! So much sales for the night.

My bad! I didn’t get the names of the meal saved in my memory because I only picked from the order book. Well, it was my first time there and I didn’t plan to make a blog post about my experience there. So, I’d just share pictures.

I ate this. That’s my “Peace” sign
Some sort of “Love in the air” drink. Damn sweet! Loved it
Green rice and Prawns. I tasted the prawns… Loved it. It really hurts that I didn’t take note of the names 😂

Mirror on the wall…
Not so clear but I really loved that I could take pictures right in front of the mirror.

Ever been to Crossroads? How was your experience there?

With Love,


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